Thursday, February 24, 2011

Links are Connections

When you are on a web page, you may notice some words in a different color within the text. Usually these words represent links to another page within the website or to a different website altogether. That simply means it is a fast way to connect to information without having to type in a complicated address. The visual clue that something is really a link is simple. The arrow, or selection pointer, turns into a pointing hand. When you see the hand and click, the page will change to the connected site automatically.

Links can be text or pictures. The only way to know a picture is a link is to take the arrow over the image. If it turns into a hand, you can click on it. Sometimes it only enlarges the picture so you can see it better. Sometimes it will take you another website where the picture is part of the page. Either way, there is a change.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Search Engines - Is Google Too Full of Spam?

Articles about search engines are beginning to complain about Google. While Google is still the largest search engine, it is increasingly plagued with unwanted items in search result lists. There are newer search engines, like Bing, trying to take advantage of the frustrations of current Google users. Bing advertises itself as "the decision engine." It promises to deliver more accurate results, quicker. DuckDuckGo is a new search engine that is fairly bare bones, but I have found it to zero in on the search very quickly.

As an experiment, try all three with the same search terms. For example, try searching your name. Or put in your telephone number and see if you can find your address from that.

Shake things up a bit and do an image search in all three.

Google is aware of the competition and complaints, issuing a statement indicating they are working on the problem. And though Google may be losing its supremacy as the search engine of choice, it is certainly far from going down the tubes. With all the different services they offer, they will be around for a long while.