Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Geek to Speak

Continuing in the vein of learning vocabulary to better understand today's technology, here are some more tech terms to learn:

Bookmark: This marks a Web page so you can return to it quickly without having to remember the URL (Web address). Bookmarks are also called Favorites. There are other ways to save your favorite websites and make them accessible from any computer. Symbaloo is a free service that allows you to create tiles which act as links to websites you choose. Try it at Symbaloo to see it it works for you.

Case Sensitive: The ability of a program/application to recognize the difference between lowercase (small) and uppercase (CAPITAL) letters. Typing in a URL (Web address) or email address doesn't have to be case sensitive, but typing in a password absolutely must be.

Clipboard: A special memory area on the the computer that stores data temporarily. If you're copying a picture from one document and want to paste it to another document, the picture is stored temporarily on the Clipboard until you're ready to paste it. This way, your hard drive isn't clogged with data you don't need to store multiple times or forever.

Cookie: Don't confuse this with something deliciously edible. A computer cookie is a tiny piece of text that Web servers place on your hard drive to track information about your computer and surfing practices. You can disable cookies, clear cookies, and otherwise control them, but they're sometimes necessary to get where you want to go on the Web.

Cursor: A symbol that indicates the place on your screen where your next mouse click or keyboard stroke will occur. When you're typing text, the blinking line is where the letters start, so make sure it's in the right place.

Default: An automatic setting on computer hardware or software. You can usually manually change default settings. For example, your printer's default setting may be color, but if you want to save ink, you can change the default setting to black and white or grayscale.

OK, that's enough for this segment. More to come.

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