Monday, March 11, 2013

Final Installment of Geek Speak

Password:  Really people. You need to remember your passwords. They must be exactly like the time you created it every single time you sign into an account. If you have a capital letter, a number and a symbol, they must be in the right order. Believe it or not, you should also keep it secret. From everybody. Even your spouse or best friend. Kid you not. And DO password protect your computer. Just in case.

Peripheral:  Any external device that plugs into your computer. So, your printer, your MP3 player, your camera, your flash drive - all peripherals. My current favorite cannot-do-without peripheral? An external hard drive to back up everything important on your computer. Seriously. You need back-up.

Plug-in:  Not to be confused with a peripheral. A plug-in is a software program and not something tangible and external to your computer/laptop/tablet. Plug-ins add extra abilities to your Internet browser to enhance movie viewing or audio.

Shouting:  THIS IS SHOUTING. If you need to see text better on the screen, enlarge it. Typing in all caps is bad manners (yes, even on the Web there is such a thing as bad manners).

And that ends our geek speak. Join us next time for something completely different.